I know the basics

I know the basics


 Awesome you know some basics, some words and phrases and you're pronunciation is getting better everyday. Time to take it further? We've put a some examples of sentences below and through the week will add a few more. There's also some suggestions on how you can take your reo even further.

Kia Kaha te reo Māori

Tīkiti | Ticket


Kia kotahi te tīkiti pahi/tereina/waka tere māku | Can I have one bus/train/ferry ticket for me please?

You can read more in our Buy your Tīkiti in Māori resource here – a great tool to help you speak more Māori when you're out and about

Ako | Learn

Learning words, simple sentence structures and phrases will enable you to start communicating in te reo Māori with others.  Socialising is a great way to learn, get together for a trip on the bus, go for a coffee, or to a park to communicate with your friends and family 

He rereāhua | describing something

Is used before names, proper pronouns and common nouns - see Māori dictionary for definition

Ko Mīria tēnei | This is Mīria
Ko te wāhi tika tēnei nē? | This definitely the right place ay?

a, an, some - used when referring to something that is not specific - see Māori dictionary for definition

He pouaka tēnei | This is a box
He tangata matatau ia | He is a knowledgeable person

Kupu hou | New words

Go exploring with friends and family on te pahi or even te waka rererangi

pahi | bus
tereina | train 
waka rererangi | plane 
waka tere | ferry
tūnga pahi | bus stop
teihana tereina | train station
taunga rererangi | airport
wāpu | wharf
wātaka | timetable
rangi | sky
whenua| land
moana| sea
āhea te pahi ka tae mai? | when does the bus arrive?
Anei taku tīkiti | Here is my ticket

Ki tua atu | Take it a bit further

Talk about your travel to work, ask a work mate or your kids about their travel that day. Using the words in  everyday conversation will help you to remember them and normalises the use of te reo Māori. Don't be disparaged if it seems difficult, keep at it, kia kaha, it will come

Kōrero | Practice pronunciation

Learning how to pronounce words correctly is important and a great way to start, check out our pronunciation guide. Pronunciation guide

Kupu | Words

Sign up with the Kupu o te rā site with new kupu coming to you everyday
Look at the list of 165 words on NZ History
The Ministry of Education has High Frequency wordlists

Whakarongo | Listen to the language being spoken 

Te Whanake has a series of videos in te reo Māori for all learners
Listen to words being spoken on Māori Dictionary
Watch Māori TV to hear the reo being spoken and sung
Try one of Māori TV's Language Learning shows Tōku Reo is a great show for beginners or you may try Kōrero Mai
Listen to Māori Radio, go to Te Ara Māori Music or type Māori music into Youtube

Waiata | Song

Check out the Kapa Haka on Māori TV - Whakaata Māori
Listen to Māori Radio, go to Te Ara Māori Music or type Māori music into Youtube

Pānui | Read

Check out the helpful booklets in Resources on Te Taura Whiri site
Read about the history of the Māori language
Read books, check out local library, or Digital NZ at the National Library and online.
Read te reo Māori stories as a family or with friends.
See the Digital NZ Te Wiki o te Reo Māori story

He ara ki tua | Pathways

Looking for a job where you can use your reo Māori? The Careers NZ site has tools and information to help you find a job where your reo has a place.

Mātauranga | Education

Would you like to take things up a level, look for a local course or any of the fine institutions offering te reo Māori language as a subject. Follow this link