Merchandise - ngā poraka, ngā tīhate, ngā pēke

Been wanting to order our merch? What’s the best Māori word to describe how we feel about the trouble people have had ordering things like hoodies and tee shirts?

All of these words and terms are used in saying ‘sorry: āwhitu, aroha mai, kaniawhea, kei riri mai, kōhau, kōrehu, (mō) taku hē, ngetengete, pōuri, rīpenetā, whakapāha.

Unfortunately, we stuffed up. We tried to set up a system so people could buy the gear we had developed, but unfortunately we’ve been unable to keep up with the huge volume of requests. Plus, we had a whole Te Wiki o te Reo Māori to coordinate!

So, we are apologetic, contrite, penitent, regretful, remorseful, repentant, rueful, shamefaced, sheepish, sorrowful, and woeful.

So, we’ll do better next year. But for now, please accept our apologies that we haven’t been able to deliver what we wanted to this year.

If you have emailed our supplier and not had a response: an email will arrive soon offering you the chance to put in an order before they are closed off on Wednesday next week (18 September). This is for merch with the gold heitiki only. They’ll be delivered as soon as possible after that.

If you have not put in an order but would like to do so to email with the following details before 5pm Wednesday 18 September. (Sizes adult small – 5XL). We have not decided about availability after that date but will certainly think about this if there’s continuing demand.

Company / Organisation: (if applicable)
Full Courier Address:  

Tee Print Gold Colour Design (ngā tīhate)
Tee Quantity:
Tee Sizes:

Hoodie Print Gold Colour Design (ngā poraka)
Hoodie Quantity:
Hoodie Sizes:  

Jute Bag Gold Colour Design (ngā pēke)
Jute Bag Quantity: